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[10 Dec 2004|04:14pm]
[ mood | drained ]

wow i haven't written for so long...a lot has happened, but one thing stays the same:: i cant wait till xmas break! I've been so stressed latelly...its been a rough week. I've had all these test and papers and its just so frustrating when i think about ACT's and all that other crap. Then on top of that i was pretty sick, with my wisdom teeth hurting like crazay :( so anyways I've had some great work outs with lindz tho:) shes leaving for Las Vegas for a week ... i will def miss my boooo booo!! who am i going to work out with?? guess i gotta call ellen! I'm soooo excited for this weekend:: first of all tonite is the weight concert and it will be the first time im going to see them play --good luck boys!! sat is caring and sharing for nhs FUN! i actually cant sleep in which really sucks :( catch up on some hw maybe go to the play cuz i heard it was fantastic plus andrew, morris and stevie are in it so i gotta check that out!! and then off to babysitting gotta get some cash to finish my xmas shopping which by the way is going very smoothly since im almost done :) i've got some great stuff for my family which i hope they'll enjoy and i stll need more ideas for my friends...so then sunday is the day im most excited about cuz guess who is getting a mini make over ??!! MEEEEEE ... my agent decided i needed a new look so she will set up an appointment for a new hair color -- light/medium brown and a cut -- pretty short ahhhh im sooo nervous!! lindz already said that when she gets back im gonna be a new woman! haha ahh im gonna miss her!! i've been sooooo upset about my studies. its like i have no energy for it anymore and i fee llike nothing i do is good enough...my parents want me to excell so i can go to a great college but they dont even know how hard it is !! juniors have it bad anywas cuz of gay meaps and act's and sat's and blahh!! then they're stressig about my guitar cuz i dont play it enough: well duh cuz i have no time!! everything is just sucha heavy load to carry i cant wait when i get to relax and i will only eat good xmas food, jaynes sweet ass xmas party and new yrs which i hope to have the time of my life at!! colic is performing too and i cant go cuz the show is 21 and up! really NOT cool...ohhh and what what who's getting their license?? ME in two more months yay! i can visit all my friends at college and ppl at ap! supa dupa!
p.s. ohhh my new nick name is otty!! get that right john :)

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JAM DAY 2 [27 Nov 2004|07:19pm]
[ mood | silly ]

SO i just got back from chicago!! it was so much fun!! I saw my fam from ny and it was super!! ANYWAY today is the second annual jam day!! ASH JAYNE and meee all went out. We went to the coolest, weridest place in B'gham and got sweet ass shoes from purple haze!! then we walked around in the rain ruining our hair. haha. then we were off to target!! of course ash just had to have alll the beauty supplies!! me and jayne just checked out the stars magazine and omg celeb's w/o makeup are soooo wrong looking .... thank god im not a celeb ... so then we came to mi casa!!! i will write later cuz right now we're gonna watch a movie!! seeya bia

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JAM DAY [24 Nov 2004|02:12pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Okay so today is JAM day. For those of you who dont know about this special holiday, its a full day filled with fun, chocolate, and three girls who make up the name: jayne, ashley, and me-martyna. It was first thought of at the summer set mall, while shopping at Neiman Marcus- whom i will never afford, and it popped into my head that we need to have a name for our future clothing line. So JAM day it was. Ashley would manage the money, Jayne and me were responsible for the design. HOW COOL! yes guys thats what girls do when they go out...create future jobs ( plus think about their future hot hubbies) so then we decided to get together on Wed - half day!! okay so the plan was: from school, get some food at El Georges! we once again saw the man/woman who flirted with most older, rich men...it was disgusting, her ass was ripping out of her jeans!! We got some cheese fries, salads, and all of the sudden we notice someone sitting behind us!! it was the twins !! ewww...anyways when we were done, we went to Aldis to get some chocolate !! its like a 15inch chocolate bar filled with amazing almonds. Then it was off to mi casa where we watched an amazing performance by COLIC!! omg it was like nick was singing to me!! his sexy voice was all i could hear thru the sounds of my house...it was like it carried its message of love to me...and then sweat drops starated forming around his temples...the sexiest thing was the way he opened his mouth to sing and jam out on his guitar... i wish i was the guitar!!!! okay anyways...hahha ashley had to leave for work that sucker! so me and jayne and my lil brother made brownies -- no worries ash will be bak! then our plan is to watch: "somewhere in time" with christopher reeve- may he rest in peace...it should b good! yea guess who's leaving for chicago tmorrow!!! its the one, the only ---> me! im excited but sad that i will have to miss my awesome chance at shopping for the afterthanksgiving sale...plus im gonna miss my JA girls!! okay well...we're goin to listen to some muzik so i'll write some more later!!!! LUV YOU ALL!!!

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testing [19 Nov 2004|07:32pm]
[ mood | dfsdfsd ]

testing testing testing

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